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Cine Falcatrua

  Gabriel Menotti


Cine Falcatrua (portuguese for " Cine Hoax ") is a project that works in the borderline between cinema's hyper-authorized environment and the new media fluid ecology. The project aims to rethink cultural industry using digital home technologies, questioning audiovisual distribution and exhibition.

We build nomadic movie theaters using domestic equipment obsolete CPUs, datashows, audio amplifiers, a white screen and cables, many cables to emulate (and overcome) real projection rooms. Since the beginning of 2004, we use this structure to exhibit films downloaded from the Internet in free weekly sessions, applying cultural guerrilla, tactical media, VJing and urban intervention techniques to the cinematographic circuitry. 

The movies are played directly from a computer, in a way that the projection mechanism works almost as a collective Internet terminal. So far, we've done more than 100 exhibitions, gathering more-or-less 250 people each - but sometimes as much as 600 patrons. The exhibitions are coupled with a kind of 'practical research' on expanding cinema boundaries toward cyberspace, live images and videogames. One of our goals is to promote this practice and form not only moviemakers, but also movie-exhibitioners.

We exhibit not only unauthorized, commercial movies, but also free content released under copyleft or creative commons licenses acquired through BitTorrent p2p networks, much more coherent with our open-source exhibition technology. In the long run, we want to offer a low-cost, digital alternative to the brazilian cinematographic distribution and exhibiton network.

Among other projects, Cine Falcatrua is responsible for the Low Resolution Festival (world's first competitive festival for internet videos in real movie theaters); the Short[CUT]'s Festival (where exhibitions are completely controlled by the technical operator, just as in the first cinema years); and the Really Free Movie Exhibition (composed only of free works, licensed in copyleft, creative commons or GFDL).


VJ Theory: ART
Date published: 01/09/06

Leaflets distributed at Falcatrua's sessions